The Ultratech Beauty Device

This amazing funky handheld beauty device, is so compact you can take with you in your handbag. Use your own skin care and get the absolute best out of what ever you are using. It will infuse the skin care down to the cellular level increasing the circulation, oxygenating, hydrating and rejuvenating your tired skin leaving it feeling revitalised.

This Ultratech Beauty Device is designed for the face and body, it uses galvanic infrared positive and negative ions and micro vibration massage, to reactivate aged skin cells, making the skin supple and healthy again. The galvanic mode activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by the skin components, to beautify your complexion. When your metabolism is not functioning properly the skin loses moisture and dries out.

Some Effects of the Ultratech Beauty Device

The Ultratech Beauty Device
  • Wrinkle Management

    Ultratech Beauty Device applies carefully Galvanic ion properties which stimulates your skin in turn improving the texture and brightness of the skin. It stimulates the production of collagen and refines fine lines and wrinkles. Galvanic currents are an effective method of attaining a more youthful complexion in a short time.

  • Balancing skin and increasing blood circulation

    The metabolic cycling period of skin is about 28 days. Enhancing the metabolic function of skin will keep your skin both looking smooth and feeling smooth. The Ultratech Beauty Device penetrates deep into skin tissue and blood capillaries, then strengthening the capabilities of cellular resistance. Through the absorption of skin tissue, it promotes blood circulation and balance the skin - leaving your skin healthy, tightened and radiant.

  • Imperfections from sun damage

    Ultratech Beauty Device is one of the most exciting, effective treatments for removing unwanted skin pigment, such as the pigment associated with sun damage, age spots and freckles. Ultratech Beauty works by emitting a specialized current that passes through the skin and is preferentially absorbed by its target, the unwanted pigment in the skin.

  • Firming your skin

    As our skin ages, we experience a loss of skin texture that may be seen as enlarged pores and coarseness, plus a loss of smoothness and elasticity. The galvanic currents of Ultratech Beauty Device penetrates deeply into the skin tissue, stimulating a higher rate of new cell production, improving elasticity, enhancing firmness and reducing pore size.

  • Preventing Pimples and Blackheads

    When the Ultratech Beauty Device penetrates into the epidermis, instant strong pressure and vibration is locally generated to remove waste matter from the pores. Blackheads or pimples come out because oil blocks up pores. When galvanic vibration is transmitted to the skin, oil in pores comes out easily due to the vibration.

  • How does Ultratech Beauty Device Revitalize Your Skin

    With this revolutionary Anti-Aging product, your skin will appear healthier, smoother and more youthful. The galvanic and the infrared rays of this facial massager permeate deeply into skin texture with transforming heat and micro vibration to reach revival effect. It permeates deeply into the skin, and accelerates blood circulation and removes wastes.

  • Why Anti-Aging Cream Doesn't really Help Your Skin

    The skin barrier is very important in order to protect your skin, however. It also has a negative effect in respect to beauty treatments, because it interferes with the absorption of nourishment products such as creams and lotions. Fortunately, our facial massagers help to permeate cosmetic ingredients into your skin by using micro-vibration and galvanic ion. Ultratech Beauty device have shown to be the most effective method to drive products to actively penetrate through the skin because it actually pushes through the skins epidermal structure to reach the dermis where the collagen cells lie.

  • Smooth and lighten scars

    Acne scars are textural abnormalities of the skin that are left behind after the healing of acne lesions. Acne lesions can also heal improperly, leaving brown or red discolorations. Ultratech Beauty allows for precise removal of tissue, while simultaneously rejuvenating and smoothing the skin surface.

  • Managing acne and dermatitis

    Excess sebum secretion, as incited by environmental pollution, metabolic imbalances and ages often result in acne breakouts and dermatitis. The Ultratech Beauty Device clears away broken capillaries and can dramatically reduce acne and chickenpox scars.

  • Reduce Freckles & Pigmentation

    Micro vibration of the face and heat action promotes elimination of the base layer changed to dark colour and seen through on the surface.

  • Major Skin Benefits of Ultratech Beauty

    Cosmetics with nourishment should permeate into the skin to have a revitalising effect. However, most of the nourishment cannot be absorbed by your skin due to the amount of skin layers. Fortunately, the Ultratech Beauty devices helps to permeate cosmetic ingredients into your skin by using micro-vibration and galvanic ion. Ultratech Beauty enhances the absorption of nourishment to reach an incredible revival effect! Your skin will appear more youthful, smoother and healthier immediately.

  • Reduce Double Chin

    The micro massage of the Facial massager’s influences water inside and outside of the cells helps lymphatic circulation and removes the excessive water and waste under your skin. Ultratech Beauty device brings you a feeling of facial slimming and lift-up.

  • Remove "eye-sack" and "black eye rim"

    The Ultratech Beauty products emits a deep micro-vibration so rapid, that cannot be seen or felt at the surface of your skin. So don't think your machine massager isn't working! To see the transmission of the Galvanic current, put some water at the metal head of one hand while holding the facial massager with your other hand you will see the vibration of water, caused by the currents.

  • Galvanic currents and infrared is invisible for human eyes

    Declined metabolism causes excess lymphatic fluid, excess fat and water under the eyes. As times goes by eye-sacks are formed. Short of sleep, overtired or obstruction of blood circulation also cause the forming of "black eye-rim".

  • Galvanic, Infrared ion and Vibration Device...all in one!

    Reduce your wrinkles, freckles, double chin and unwanted cellulite with our devices. Skin treated with our revolutionary Ultratech Beauty device look younger, because you are healthier from the inside out. This facial massager is similar to the expensive machines used in high-end beauty salons.

Enjoy Your Flawless Skin With Ultratech Beauty Device

  • Flawless Skin
  • Know Your Skin
  • Galvanic current
  • Far infrared ray
  • Thanks to its 4 specific programs, Ultratech Beauty combines the actions of positive and negative ions,galvanic current,infrared and micro vibration. You just need about 5 minutes to prevent or reduce wrinkles, making your skin brighter and more youthful.

  • The principal of the high-tech Ultratech Beauty device technique is that the current connects the device and human body to make a complete circuit loop, which drives the serum solution to go through the skin protective membrane and reach the deeper layer of the skin directly. Hence speeding up the process of healing,great for pimples increasing circulation, and renewing of cells.

  • The most mild but effective pulse current, with its anode (+) and cathode (-), on one hand, can soften and cleanse grease and sebum deposits making them easier to remove, on the other hand, can drive the hydro-soluble products into the skin. It improves dark pigmentation, brightens skin, and also helps cosmetics to be guided in and absorbed. The beneficial energy of the ions can attack the bacteria of the skin and strengthens the capability of cellular resistance.

  • This breakthrough treatment, was first discovered by NASA, has so many benefits and uses, and so little (if any) risks and side effects. Deep penetrating red light therapy is actually a non invasive, cost-effective, and risk-free alternative to all sorts of skin problems, skin appearance and proven to be effective for all sorts of pain as well..(See our range of Infrared showers and sauans)...Our devices penetrate the skin, boosts circulation and brings more blood and nutrients to the area. It also stimulates vital collagen and elastin production. Collagen helps plump the skin, while elastin firms the skin. Its energising and repairing damaged cells, stimulates collagen, elastin and gives the skin back its youthful look.

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Beauty technology devices deliver immediate results especially for core skin care problems such as anti-ageing and blemish removal.


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